Saturday, July 25, 2009

How is the Spirit moving these days?

Many of you may disagree with me, and thats alright. But I think I am seeing a new way that the Spirit is moving in the world and in people's hearts lately. Please watch it all the way to the end for the full effect. Watch it with your heart and discern what the Spirit is blessing. Check it out:

The Spirit used to move mostly in church, or at least that is my impression. I suspect the Spirit has always moved far more frequently and dramatically outside the church than we ever knew. After, it is the Spirit through which Christ holds all things together with his word (Col) and it is the Spirit who not only ordered the universe (Genesis 1) but probably operationally manages it. I believe the Spirit is always at work in social settings ... like the one in the reality show above. I often sense the Spirit working through the popular Radio Show called Delilah, for example. (In Miami after 7 pm on 97.3)

Stop looking for the Spirit only in church meetings (my impression is that he does not go there much anymore, but I really don't know since I don't go either) and start looking for his initiative all around you, Monday through Saturday in the mundane world. You will be amazed....